Megan Graieg

Megan is the Digital Content Manager for Saïd Business School.

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Posted by: on February 6, 2018

Shifting the unconscious gender bias in the workplace

No matter your gender identity, no matter how enlightened you think you are, none of us is immune to the unconscious gender bias ingrained in our society. With issues of gender parity receiving more airtime, we hope that unconscious bias is reducing, but there’s still a lot to overcome. Women currently hold only 5.4% of […]

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Posted by: on January 31, 2018

Why your business needs diversity in the boardroom

With the business landscape of every industry in constant flux, companies need to constantly adapt. A diverse staff make-up will make your company far more likely to easily embrace change and succeed no matter what the future holds. Without diversity in the workplace, especially among decision makers, ideas and business strategies are can easily grow […]

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Posted by: on January 24, 2018

Negotiating equal pay

The gender pay gap has been in the news yet again: from Carrie Gracie’s pay protest at the BBC[1] to Michelle Williams being paid $1,000 to co-star Mark Wahlberg’s $1.5 million.[2] The BBC was one of the first businesses to release gender pay gap information publically. They were proud of their 9% pay gap, 9% […]

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