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Megan is the Digital Content Manager for Saïd Business School.

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Posted by: on November 28, 2018

Five questions with Christine Li-Auyeung

Oxford Executive MBA alum Christine Li-Auyeung is one of many professionals encouraging women to join the finance industry. While the landscape has vastly improved in recent years, the industry continues to suffer from a gender imbalance. Working with women both still at school as well as those embarking on their early career journeys, Christine wants […]

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Posted by: on November 2, 2018

The Power of Three

Deb-B Seven Chew reflects on her experience of participating in three Oxford executive education programmes back-to-back Deb-B is an investor, advisor and mentor with a portfolio of around 60 companies, retail, direct and wholesale, big and small. She has a particular focus on supporting start-ups and mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and young people. Already highly […]

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Posted by: on June 29, 2018

Anima Anandkumar on AI at Amazon and the future workplace

Principal Scientist at Amazon AI and Bren Professor at The California Institute of Technology, Anima Anandkumar sat down with us after an intimate workshop with MBA students. Amazon is using machine and deep learning across the full gamut of their business and is committed to continuing to invest in the development of innovative technology. They […]

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Posted by: on June 26, 2018

Five questions with Amel Najjar

We have been interviewing current students and alumni of Saïd Business School about their career successes and carving out a place for themselves in a world where workplace equality is still a long way off. This week, we speak to current Executive MBA candidate Amel Najjar, who is doing incredible work with her Children of […]

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Posted by: on June 5, 2018

Five questions with Robyn Tingley

Robyn Tingley’s company, GlassSKY, is dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of women in the workplace. Her excellent work in this area led her to be invited on the inaugural Women Transforming Leadership programme. As an expert in advising both men and women on their careers, we wanted to catch up with Robyn on how […]

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Posted by: on May 29, 2018

Five questions with Kiley M. Adolph

The Business School is committed to educating and preparing the leaders of tomorrow. And what better way to celebrate that goal than by passing on that passion for learning? Vice President of Partnerships for Project Lead The Way and Oxford Saïd alum, Kiley Adolph, works tirelessly to bring interactive and transformative learning environments to schools across […]

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Posted by: on May 22, 2018

Five questions with Bethanie Baynes

Have you ever wondered how to make it as a woman in the tech industry? We asked Oxford Saïd alum and Google executive Bethanie Baynes about her experiences, what she thinks makes a good leader, and what businesses should be doing to encourage more women to reach for high-level roles. We are often told how […]

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Posted by: on May 1, 2018

Be confident to succeed

Women have long suspected that there were bigger hurdles for them to leap when it comes to a successful career. Given there are far few women in managerial and board-level positions than men, it appears we were correct. But the barriers that trip us up the most might surprise you. According to research by the […]

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Posted by: on April 24, 2018

Five questions with Caryn Davies

We asked MBA alumna Caryn Davies five questions about her career and experience at Oxford Saïd. We are grateful that Caryn found the time to answer our questions in between being a three-time Olympic medalist, lawyer, and Vice President of the United States Olympians and Paralympians Association. How has your gender affected the way you […]

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Posted by: on February 13, 2018

Should men take pay cuts in the name of pay parity?

Several high-profile men have offered to take pay cuts to help the gender parity cause. Huw Edwards, Nicky Campbell, John Humphrys, Jon Sopel, Nick Robinson, and Jeremy Vine at the BBC all offered to have their pay cut to be more in line with that of their female colleagues.[1] Shortly after their announcement, EasyJet’s new […]

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